Fuller's Vintage Ale 2022 500ml Bottle

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2022 500ml Bottle

2022, 8.5% ABV

All of our Vintage Ales are very special bottle conditioned beers. We’ve created a new recipe every year since 1997, picking the best ingredients at the time, to make a strong beer with a complex character

Taste Profile

  • Bitter: 
  • Sweet: 
  • Hops: 
    Bramling Cross and Emperor
  • Malts: 
    Pale Ale, Caragold, DRC®(Double Roasted Crystal)

Brew Notes

Brewing Notes
Type – Ale
Size – 500ml
Abv – 8.5%
Allergy Info - Contains Barley

Vintage Ale 2022

The 26th edition of Vintage Ale combines the UK classic hop, Bramling Cross with a younger variety, Emperor. Bramling Cross brings dark berry notes and some hints of spice, whilst the Emperor adds a strong citrus character which overlaps well with the hints of citrus from Bramling Cross. At its heart, Pale Ale and Caragold malts combine with DRC® a double roasted crystal malt to deliver toffee and raisin sweetness. All complemented, as ever, by the zesty marmalade character of our famous Fuller's yeast

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