The 1845 Club is our loyalty program where we recognise our customers for their dedication and loyalty to the Fuller's Griffin Brewery. We want to thank those who continue to be a part of Fuller's with exclusive rewards and perks.

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If you already have an account with us, you are automatically part of The 1845 Club rewards program. Sign in to see what tier you are in, your points balance and what redemptions are available to you.

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You are rewarded for every pound you spend, but you will also be rewarded for multiple orders as both actions show your commitment to the 1845 Club! Please note that points are calculated based on spend but do NOT include shipping and VAT costs.

Currently you can use your points for £5 vouchers to use on your order.
Also, based on what tier you are in, you will receive freebies, birthday vouchers, free shipping and more points per pound spent.
In the future we will have promotions and additions to the program so watch out for notifications.

Tiers are decided based on your spend for a rolling calendar year.

You will receive an email when you qualify for the next tier, which will include a discount code. When you are next shopping, place the item in the cart and add your code to the cart to redeem.

You can only use one discount code per order.

Points are earned via purchases you make on www.fullersbrewery.co.uk only.

Yes, your points expire 12 months after your last order with us, but don’t worry, we’ll send you an email to remind you to redeem them.

Points are rewarded to your account after your order has been packed and sent. This usually takes 2-4 business days.

No worries! We’re here for you - just email enquires@fullersbrewery.co.uk with questions and order number or more info.

By joining The 1845 Club you accept that Fuller's Brewery is able to edit the terms and awards of the program at any time.

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