Fuller's Vintage Ale 2023 500ml Bottle

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2023 500ml Bottle

2023, 8.5% ABV


All of our Vintage Ales are very special bottle conditioned beers. We’ve created a new recipe every year since 1997, picking the best ingredients at the time, to make a strong beer with a complex character.

Taste Profile

  • Bitter: 
  • Sweet: 
  • Hops: 
    Opus, Archer and CF185
  • Malts: 
    Pale Ale and DRC®(Double Roasted Crystal)

Brew Notes

Brewing Notes
Type – Ale
Size – 500ml
Abv – 8.5%
Allergy Info - Contains Barley

Vintage Ale 2023

Our 2023 Vintage Ale combines the best of traditional tastes with new hop varieties to deliver this year's own distinct character. Pale Ale malt is at the heart for delicate sweetness, combined with DRC®, a Double Roasted Crystal malt, to provide deeper toffee and raisin tones. Once more we highlight modern English hops, using Opus, Archer, and CF185 to provide peach accents and a pronounced citrus note, underpinned by the zesty marmalade character of our famous Fuller's yeast.

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