Fuller's Vintage Ale 2020 500ml Bottle

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2020 500ml Bottle

2020, 8.5% ABV


All of our Vintage Ales are very special bottle conditioned beers. We’ve created a new recipe every year since 1997, picking the best ingredients at the time, to make a strong beer with a complex character

Taste Profile

  • Bitter: 
  • Sweet: 
  • Hops: 
    Target, Jester®, Godiva
  • Malts: 
    Pale, Chocolate, DRC®(Double Roasted Crystal)

Brew Notes

Brewing Notes
Type – Ale
Size – 500ml
Abv – 8.5%
Allergy Info - Contains Barley

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Richard K
Vintage Ale 2020

Really well balanced with great undertones and subtle finish on the palate.

Nick Harrison

I have tasted every vintage, from 1997, of this delightful ale. It appears to improve every year, but from the very first it is an outstanding beer. We drink on special occasions, for memorable moments (and any other excuse !). Having recently had the great fortune of sampling the latest offering on cask at the Brewery shop itself

Treat this as special, and you won't be disappointed

I only wish the series of Past Masters, Imperial Porter, Imperial IPA, Reserves and the like have not been continued - ongoing version are sorely missed. I am currently enjoying the PM 1966

Fullers produce the best beers in the world - London Pride is King

But the 2020 Vintage Ale is a special delight - simply exceptional

Try it !


For the Vintage Ale 2020, we've stayed true to our roots - sourcing all our ingredients here in the UK. The story starts with DRC®, a Double Roasted Crystal malt from East Anglia that promises malty sweetness rich in caramel and raisin. Then there's the Herefordshire hops - Jester® and Godiva- adding ripe berry fruit and tangy citrus notes to the signature marmalade flavours of our famous Fuller's yeast.