Fuller's Wild River

Fuller's Wild River

Hoppy, craft-inspired pale ale, 4.5% ABV

Riding the wave of the US craft beer movement, Wild River is an exciting take on American Pale Ale. It's a double-hopped brew made with several Californian hops – a golden beer inspired by The Golden State

Although no longer bottled, Wild River is available seasonally on the Fuller's Brewery Tour and in most Fuller's Pubs

Ride the rapids of Wild River

Like a river that endlessly ebbs and flows, brewing never stands still. So while American craft brewers have long been inspired by the British, we felt it was time to take our cue from them. Wild River is the result. It's brewed with Liberty, Willamette, Cascade and Chinook hops, all imported from the US and infused into the beer through dry-hopping.

Taste Profile

  • Sight: 
    Pale Gold
  • Smell: 
    Oranges, Citrus, Hoppy
  • Taste: 
    Dry finish, Fruity, Full-bodied
  • Bitter: 
  • Sweet: 
  • Hops: 
    Cascade, Chinook, Liberty, Willamette
  • Malts: 

Brew Notes

A pale gold beer, Wild River delivers a tempting citrus aroma that picks out grapefruit, orange peel and lemons. The flavour follows the nose, with a swirling current of spicy, zesty grapefruit notes set against a backdrop of pale malts – while pleasant hop bitterness lingers long on the palate in an intense finish

Type -Pale Ale
Abv – 4.5%
Allergy Info - Contains Barley

Raise a Glass

An American-style beer might seem a real departure from the Fuller’s norm, but a glance at our Brew Book shows our ancestors were one step ahead, importing hops from Oregon, and barley from California, way back in 1891

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