Fuller's London Porter 500ml Bottle

Fuller's London Porter 500ml Bottle

Rich, Dark and Complex, 5.4% ABV

London Porter takes its name from the Porters who carried goods around the streets of London in the 18th Century. This Prize-Winning beer is brewed using Pale, Crystal, Brown and Chocolate malts combined with Fuggles hops giving a Rich, dark and complex flavour. London Porter boasts wonderful Chocolate notes and a smooth, satisfying finish.

Taste Profile

  • Sight: 
    Dark oak
  • Smell: 
    Coffee, roasted, molasses
  • Taste: 
    Rich, berry fruits, roasted
  • Bitter: 
  • Sweet: 
  • Hops: 
  • Malts: 
    Pale Ale, Crystal Light, Brown and Chocolate

Brew Notes

Brewed to 5.4% ABV, London Porter bears outstanding depth of flavour. The blend of Brown, Crystal and Chocolate malts provide earthy character and creamy delivery, while hints of coffee and chocolate carry through onto the tongue. The range of flavours works well with a wide variety of foods, from rich meat dishes to chocolate puddings.

Type – Porter
Size – 500ml
Abv – 5.4%
Allergy Info – Contains Barley

Raise a Glass

Launched in 1996, London Porter continues to win awards and accolades. SIBA (the Small Independent Brewer's Association) named it Champion Keg of Great Britain in 2014
  • Gold, 1999 International Beer and Cider Challenge
  • Gold, 2007 Camra Winter Ales Festival
  • World's Best Porter, Stouts & Porters, 2011 World Beer Awards
  • Silver, 2012 International Beer Challenge

Back on the map

Porters boomed in the capital centuries ago, and though the style died out in the early 1900s, Fuller's London Porter put it back on the map once again. Rich, dark and classically creamy, this is a beer with reach far beyond our capital. It has won awards right across the globe and is widely regarded as the world's finest porter.

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