• A Historic Beginning

    A Historic Beginning

    Fuller's Brewery was officially founded in 1845, but the site has been associated with brewing since as early as 1581. This makes it one of the oldest continuous brewing sites in London.

  • The Griffin Brewery

    The Griffin Brewery

    The brewery is famously known as the Griffin Brewery, named after the Griffin symbol, which was adopted from the brewery's original owner, Philip Wood, who used the emblem on his beer.

  • The Founding Trio 

    The Founding Trio 

    Fuller, Smith & Turner is the full name of the company, named after the three partners who joined forces in 1845: John Fuller, Henry Smith, and John Turner. Their collaboration marked the beginning of Fuller’s as we know it today.

  • London Pride

    London Pride

    One of Fuller’s most famous beers, London Pride, was first brewed in 1959. It has since become a quintessentially British ale, loved by beer enthusiasts around the world.

  • The Fuller's Yeast 

    The Fuller's Yeast 

    Fuller’s uses a unique strain of yeast that has been cultivated and maintained since the 1950s. This yeast plays a crucial role in giving Fuller’s beers their distinctive taste.

  • The Role in World Wars 

    The Role in World Wars 

    During both World Wars, Fuller’s continued to brew beer, though with some restrictions. The brewery played a vital role in boosting morale among the troops and the public during these challenging times.

  • Sustainable Practices 

    Sustainable Practices 

    That's far from the end of the story though, as we continue to invest and to innovate, building on our history and heritage to set new benchmarks for brewing and retailing as part of Asahi UK Ltd.

    We have a great amount of Pride in our rich history – but there's plenty in our future too.

  • The Fuller’s Brewery Tour 

    The Fuller’s Brewery Tour 

    The Griffin Brewery offers one of the best brewery tours in the UK. Visitors can explore the historic site, learn about the brewing process, and sample a range of Fuller’s beers, making it a must-visit for beer lovers.

  • A Merger with Asahi 

    A Merger with Asahi 

    In 2019, Fuller’s sold its brewing business to Asahi, the Japanese brewing giant. While Fuller’s continues to operate its pubs and hotels, the merger has allowed the brand to reach an even broader audience globally.